Vilde Vegem

When I was invited to create the Heart Space sculpture in Kolbotn.
My first thought was that this will be not only a physical structure.

It will encompass our senses.
Form, Sound, Texture, Color
- the elements with nature.

I see this sculpture as something we can go into,
we can sit in and have a heart felt talk,
we can be still and contemplate,
we can climb on parts of it
and also sit on integrated benches
that reach out on the out side.
Like an organic shape
growing out of nature.
A feeling it has always been there.

It will be covered with metallic and mirrors
speaking to Kolben,
individual shaped pieces of mosaic made
by the community,
and the inside will be full of surprises.

From memories to wishes,
strange objects from the history of the farming
to personal trinkets.
This can expand through the years
and more people can glue their little wish or memory.

This will become a magical place
a place that will lift the community and
connect the hearts of all that live there and visit.

Sound will also be an important part of our heart space.

I want a powerful piece of art.
What better than to bring in two amazing colleagues
with intuitive understanding of what I envision,
each with their special expertise.
— Katrina Vrebalovich

Located in Kolbotn, Norway, 'HeartSpace' is a collaborative art project, initiated by Katrina Vrebalovich.
The goal was to bring in talented competent artists to collaborate and materialize the HeartSpace sculpture project.

Vilde Vegem a visual artist, sculptor, designer and photographer worked with me in research and development of the organic shape and has brought her keen eye to our collaboration as well as her craftful creative perfection.

Tal Zimra Coleman has been a part of the vision of a HeartSpace for two years prior while I was working on another project the Sea Turtle at Haarklouse plass. A successful tested project that has brought joy, activity and belonging in a very run down park. The Turtle is what inspired Kolbotn to envision a HeartSpace * Hjerterom.

Hans Henrik Øhlers a designer /sculptor and the contracted builder of the HeartSpace brought his unique technique and interpretation of our visions. His back ground in sound spaces brought this project to a very high level and quality, fulfilling our Heart Space Team's wishes. His specialty in organic shapes and ability to build on site gives a connected quality to the site in the park.


The main intention was to create an encouragement of community project with the goal of connecting and inspiring people to take ownership of their public space. Reflecting the magic that arises when creative hands are facilitated in the intention of a HeartSpace sculpture and how it becomes so much greater than the sum of its parts. Not only does this create a feeling of ownership for the people that have made their little mosaics. It has also served to share creative knowledge and craft as well as the joy of doing together.
400 people have either painted a tile, made a mosaic piece, and some have just jumped on board and given of their labor of love.

The central Sculpture is a two-leafed shape, gently embracing each other in a spiralling motion.
The sculpture symbolizes the three-fold flame in the Heart,
with the curved, spiralling space created inside as the third flame.
The shape also symbolizes the Yin and the Yang, and the gentle touch of mutual generosity.
The inner space created here is a magic place, for meditation and transformation.
Join in and meet strangers, have a conversation, open your heart and connect.

The two out-branching shapes resemble reaching out into the world,
and is designed to function as informal benches,
where you most likely will find yourself surrounded by playing children.
Featuring built-in heating system in the inner benches and a built-in spectral sound system.
Sound artist  Tal Zimra Coleman performed her piece  
“Ancient Origins”  at the inauguration ceremony,
and her music can be heard inside the Sculpture, together with other select artists.




HeartSpace team


Katrina Vrebalovich

Visual artist - painting, jewellery and wearable art. Murals in mixed media,
mosaic and sculpture.


vilde vegem

Visual artist - sculpture, jewellery, design and mosaics. Photography, video
and digital art.


Tal zimra coleman

Musician, composer, sound healer,
story teller and multi-instrumentalist.



Hans Henrik Øhlers

Sculptor, designer and inventor

Team Heart Space - Eminent Collaborators and fellow accomplices


germán evangelisti

Sculpture and mosaics.

DSC_3841 copy.JPG




mosaics on the Benches